• Creating solid learning foundations

  • Expanding the learning capability of every student

  • Empowering students to develop a positive learning mindset

What can CoreSenses do for you?
CoreSenses delivers the Arrowsmith Program.
Our goal is 'success for every student'.
We provide individual learning support, constant encouragement and timely interventions through each level of the program. 
CoreSenses delivers the Arrowsmith Program on-line and on-site at North Sydney.
CoreSenses enables students to take control of their learning.
CoreSenses works closely with families to support students.

The Arrowsmith Program focuses on mastering capabilities that enable learning.

Meet our Director of Learning, Maria Commisso, and learn about the program and its impact on learning capabilities

CoreSenses Online Experience... How does it all work?

Over the past year CoreSenses have continued to develop the ‘at home’ delivery of the Arrowsmith Program.

Utilising current resources we have expanded the teaching platform to ensure an engaged and connected learning experience for each student. This enables teacher support and guidance for students at all times.


Check out our video which demonstrates how it all works and how CoreSenses at-home delivery model really does provide an enhanced learning environment for student success.


What students say:

"Last week they (my daughter) had exams again and she got a 5/7 and a 6/7. She was over the moon (as are we) that she is improving. She also does Mac Lit and is tested every MOnday on her reading. she is always the top of the group with the biggest improvement. You guys are amazing!"

Laine, mother of High school student

"He is more organized. He is packing his bag for school and actually remembering which days he needs to take his sports gear, his homework and his Arrowsmith folder and being able to pack and prepare for this without any assistance."

Jane, mother of Primary school student


Below is an example of a student's school workbook, before and after completing the Arrowsmith Program with CoreSenses.






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How do I know that the program will work in my situation?

Over the past 40 years, we have achieved results with people who tell us they have difficulty with their learning in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Visual Memory
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Executive Function
  • Auditory Memory
  • Dyslexia
  • Auditory Processing
  • Attention

What evidence is there that it works?

A number of international academic studies over the past several years have concluded that the Arrowsmith Program is effective in improving the brain’s cognitive ability.

The latest research, carried out by Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC), into the Arrowsmith Program has shown children with specific learning difficulties demonstrate significant improvements by training their brains using neuroplasticity techniques.

The peer reviewed research, published late last year (October 2019) in the international journal, Learning: Research and Practice, examined the Arrowsmith Program and its capacity to help children with learning difficulties improve academic skills and cognitive abilities including reading, maths, spelling, memory, attention, processing speed and reasoning.

You can find more information about other research here:

How does the program fit in with school/work?

The program is designed to be tailored to suit both school and work schedules.

Each student works on their Individualised Learning Program which is developed after an initial assessment. These individual learning programs can vary from 1 to 6 exercises a week.

Each exercise requires a minimum of 4 hours face to face tuition.

Full time programs (4 – 6 exercises)
Part Time Programs (1 – 3 exercises)
Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS) cognitive program (primarily an at-home program (1 hour per day) with weekly check-in sessions)
Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program

When will I see results?

Each student is an individual with specific challenges and as such their progress will vary. However it is usually those close to the student who notice changes first.

Typically they will notice the student seems more confident and their engagement with others is improved. Over time the student will notice changes in their own performance.

An assessment is conducted at the end of each year and we also provide feedback to the student and to parents (where applicable) throughout the year. When each student reaches a Mastery we believe it’s cause for celebration, not only for the student but the whole class. Because we have small classes the students are very supportive of one another and we encourage this through rewards and acknowledgement of their progress.

Do I need an Assessment before I start?

There are some exercises that you are able to start immediately without an assessment. If you're unsure as to which of your cognitive abilities require further strengthing, we recommend an initial assessment.